Certifications and Mission

Certifications and Quality Policy: OMI mission

Omi considers quality as a strategic value to be achieved through continuous improvement in all business activities. Therefore, Omi ensures the complete correspondence of the offered services to its Customers’ needs, as far as the compliance with legislative provisions, timeliness and appropriateness of the Client’s requests Client are concerned.

OMI goals are:

  • Manufacturing of products fully satisfying its customer’s needs, as far as quality reliability and economic competitiveness are concerned.
  • Making use of the most modern, available technologies in order to constantly improve work organisation and production efficiency.
  • Improving the trust relationship with its Customers.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement in the area of expertise for all operational personnel.
  • Motivating each Operator, so as to ensure that every work is always performed bearing in mind its importance.
  • Enhancing internal capabilities by involving people, so that each of them recognizes the importance of his/her work for the Company success.
  • Constant analysis, optimization and definition of the activity procedures, with methods fitted to prevent errors, to avoid wasting time and to ensure compliance with the desired quality features.

Certificato ISO 9001:2008

 To show its commitment to quality, Omi ha obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification, which is periodically reviewed and renewed.

ISO 9001:2008 certification