With a large fleet of machine tools, OMI can deal with all types of machining, from raw materials to finished pieces, including treatments. OMI is a third-party partner, offering a complete and continuous service to its customers, including product customized packaging.

Production of special cylinders and tailor-made components

Through the use of CAD-CAM systems, Omi can manufacture customized components, based on drawings and specifications provided by the Customer. OMI strong point is, in fact, the production of special cylinders tailor-made according to Customers’ requests.

Here are some examples of tailor-made products manufactured by Omi:

Machine fleet

OMI has recently and remarkably renovated its fleet. Here is a list of main equipment and tools:

  • “Menti” CNC lathe: Ø500×1000 for large turning
  • “Daewoo Lynx 200” CNC lathe: equipped with pliers for processing shafts. Bar capacity Ø45
  • “Daewoo Lynx LM 220” CNC lathe: 3rd motorized axle equipped with pliers. Bar capacity Ø52
  • “Daewoo Puma 240” CNC lathe: Counter-spindle. : 3rd motorized axle. Bar capacity Ø64
  • “Daewoo Puma 230” CNC lathe: equipped with pliers and bar feeder for small and medium production. Ø52 max
  • “Thor” CNC lathe: double vertical spindle, one of which with 3rd motorized axle
  • “Daewoo Mynx 530” vertical machining service: X800 Y500 Z500. ISO 40 mandrel
  • “Daewoo ACE V400” X560 Y400 Z570 vertical machining service with pallet change. ISO 40 mandrel
  • “Famup MCX 450” X450 Y300 Z400 vertical machining service with pallet change. ISO 30 mandre
  • “Comev Pico MT” self-learning lathe. Ø350×700. Bar capacity Ø110
  • Semi-automatic slotting machine
  • Parallel lathe Ø250×700
  • “PEM VS300 Phoebus” milling machine for tooling department
  • “Istech 431NC” CNC band sawing machine. Cutting capacity 400
  • “Bianco Mod. 330” semi-automatic band sawing machine. Cutting capacity 270
  • “Emmegi 650” CNC automatic friction sawing machine for light alloys. Cutting capacity 300
  • “Emmegi” manual friction cutting machine. Cutting capacity 200
  • “ORT RP18” thread rotting machine (we can supply different threads for M6/M8/M10/M12/M16 threading)
  • Mounted and column drilling machines for laps
  • Sanding machines
  • Chamfering machines
  • Vibratory finishing plant
  • Wire welder (rarely used)
  • Packaging machines: Skin Pack and sealers