Cylinders and fittings for pneumatic automation manufactured by OMI are widely used in many fields. The automation joined to pneumatics is a fast, safe and reliable handling and positioning technology. Pneumatic components – standardized and customized – enable to satisfy the machine manufacturers’ needs in a flexible and targeted way, optimizing the applications with performance and functions representing one of the most reliable answers in the automation field.

Main fields of application of OMI products are:

  • automotive sector: robotic systems with pneumatic components;
  • building sector: machine tools to manufacture doors and windows, for example;
  • packaging sector: feeders, hoppers and packaging machines in general;
  • pharmaceutical sector: pneumatic presses for pharmaceutical ingredients, for example;
  • medical sector: instrumentation for dentists, for example;
  • food sector: storage and handling systems, for example in slaughtering, or for pneumatic presses for grape and in the manufacturing of pneumatic piston pump for liquids, oils and viscous fluids;
  • agricultural sector: to manufacture pneumatic pickers for olives, for example;
  • amusement park sector: pneumatic suspensions used in amusement park equipment;
  • industrial sector: to manufacture binding machines, cutting machines and mechanical equipment using pneumatic components in general.